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Business Continuity

Disaster Recovery using Offsite Data Storage

Storofile can offer off-site data protection, or vaulting, storing your critical data away from your main operating locations (off the main site or other sites) as part of a business continuity or disaster recovery plan. Removable storage media or Data (Back-up Tapes, Hard Drives or other magnetic media) are collected and transported off-site using Protective Military Style Boxes only in our own vehicles and stored in our Fire-Proof Vault and can be changed to a program that suits you as often as is needed. Here it is safe until such time as the worst happens and then it can be used to get you up and running again.

  • Secure: – Only Collected in our Secure Vans by Our own Drivers
  • On-Demand: Your data is safely Secured in our Fireproof Vault but is available on-demand whenever you need it.
  • Peace of Mind: You can be safe in the knowledge that if the worst happens you will have business continuity
  • Flexible: Can be programmed to swap over Tapes, Hard Drives or other media as often as you require.
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Disaster Recovery Battle Boxes

Disaster Recovery Battle Box

As part of any businesses emergency preparedness model, it is standard practice for sites to carry emergency/disaster recovery boxes, these are known in the industry as battle boxes. These battle boxes should be easily accessible in the event of of an incident. The most important part to any battle box is your business continuity recovery plans, these are usually paper copies of your BCM/BCP plans which are stored in your battle box. Your battle box usually contains a host of other equipment that could be required in any incident to aid recovery.