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Off-Site Document Archiving and Storage

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Storofile Limited can offer a full range of storage options from Archive Document Storage in archive boxes or as files to our ultra-secure and safe Fireproof document and deed storage. We also Supply Extra Heavy Duty Archive Boxes and offer a Secure Shredding Service.

Based in Dorset right on the border of 3 counties we can offer a very fast and reliable service covering Dorset (Bournemouth, Poole, Wimborne), Hampshire (Southampton, Winchester, Portsmouth, New Milton, Andover), Wiltshire (Salisbury, Amesbury), London and the Home Counties.

Collection and Retrieval

Here at Storofile we can offer a collection and retrieval service you can rely upon. Flexible and reliable are 2 words that sum this service up. We offer Retrieval in 2 ways that can rapidly get the information you need direct to your desk. We offer delivery by our staff or mail for a next day service or we offer a scan and E-mail service which can have the information you require at your fingertips in under an hour.

Delivery Next Day, Same Day and even within the Hour by scanning the information!

For a free quote please contact us on 01202 822855 or alternatively by sending an email to

Secure Off-Site Storage

Off-site Document Storage provides a Low-Cost alternative to storing your files On-site or in expensive Self-Store Buildings, freeing up your expensive office space and saving you upto 85% of your current Storage Costs, with very fast, reliable access to your information.

Deed Storage

Here at Storofile we can offer Secure Fireproof Vault Storage for your deeds, CD backup and other material that is vitally important.

Lenders these days do not necessarily need the information contained in the deeds for property, however they are still unique documents and of vital importance. Deeds are often provided on mortgage redemption and home owners must ensure that they are kept securely.

This is required because any prospective purchasers need to know whether there are restrictive covenants on the property such as stopping building work for example, and that any past work has got full planning permission. Would you buy a house without that knowledge?

To date, information of this kind is not held on any computer records, so paper records still need to be retained.

You can also use these facilities to secure you important information and your companies important CD / DVD Backup’s that cannot afford to be lost.

Secure Fireproof Vault

Storofile can offer a secure fireproof Storage option for all those important documents, CDs and other material that is vitally important to your business, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Our Facilities

Purpose Built Document Storage Facilities. The valuable and in some cases irreplaceable nature of business records means that there can be no compromises when it comes to the facility in which documents are stored. Our site is perfect for storing your sensitive and valuable records.

Some important features of our site:

  • Detached building to prevent any risks associated with terrace style structures
  • Self contained plot that is not shared with any other business or user
  • 8 foot Steel palisade gates and hedges around the entire perimeter of the site with only one access point on or off site
  • Site located well above any flood plains.
  • Fireproof Vault for storage of important documents

We also use the following security points:

  • Access to sites is strictly employee only. Customer visits are by appointment and supervised throughout
  • Fire and intruder alarms are linked to a central, 24 hour monitoring station
  • Smoke and motion detectors located throughout our facilities
  • 24 hour CCTV monitoring

A4 & A3 Archive Boxes

At Storofile we can provide 2 sizes of extremely Heavy Duty Archive Boxes. These boxes are high quality and are so strong they can take the weight of a man on top of them. They should last the lifetime of the contents and save you wasting money on having to constantly replace cheaper lower quality boxes.

Document Bar Coding and Labelling System

Here at Storofile we use a system of bar codes & individual file labels and combine it with our over 15 years of experience to produce a system that can find your records in minutes. Just look below to see the advantages of our system.

Trying to find a needle in a haystack?

If you manage your own archive storage, finding that important document can really be like finding a needle in a haystack. Our bar code tracking systems, File Labeling and over 15 years of experience ensure that your files can be found in minutes. Your staff can get on with more cost effective work.

Quality Service Assured

In addition, every record is scanned using a hand held barcode scanner. We use a system of bar coded delivery notes to validate every pickup and delivery transaction. Importantly, our staff all receives the training necessary to put this powerful tool to work for every valued customer.

Our document management system ensures that accuracy is maintained at all times and is a core part of our Quality Management System. The use of bar coding allows us to interrogate the system and tell customers exactly where their files are at any one time, whether in our warehouse, in the outgoing bay or even if it’s on the van.

Case Studies and Testimonials

Case Study 1

A Midlands council has over 2 million purchase and financial records. Their storage facilities were scattered all over the Borough and retrieval was difficult. Storofile transferred all the files into Barcoded boxes, listed the contents on an Excel spreadsheet and now stores them at their secure facility. Retrieval is within the hour by E-mail and department recharging is eliminated.

Case Study 2

Storofile is Storing 850,000 Medical records for a Hospital. They request 30-50 records per week. All retrievals are completed within the hour by Email or Fax where previously it took several days using there own on site storage system.

M.D. of Storofile LTD

Jim Sutcliffe M.D. of Storofile Limited says “this system eliminates high staff costs and time wasted searching dusty records. No re-filing, no lost documents and no photocopying. Off site storage is proven to save up to 50% of expensive on-site costs bearing in mind rent. rates, light heating, wages, etc.


Martin Pate, Managing Director at Bournemouth Solicitors says…
“Since switching our archiving of files to Storofile we have not only saved money but the time it takes to archive and file. Jim and his colleagues are always helpful and professional. For any firm with a large caseload it is a sensible option and I would not hesitate in recommending Jim and his firm”.

Marina Thomas at Large International Defence says…
“I just wanted to say thank you for completing the scanning work so quickly and professionally, I am happy to recommend you to other people requiring this service if you ever wanted a reference as you have done an excellent job at very reasonable price, so thank you again”.

Helen Bolton at Healthcare Company says…
“Excellent – I am pleased I made the decision to change to Storofile”

Adam Brown, SHO at an Large UK Hospital says…
“Thank you very much, that was fantastically quick.”

Mark Jacobs FCA Socdie Deyong LLP says…
“The Scan’s I’ve looked at are knockout thanks – big screen gives so much more detail than the originals – shall recommend your services onward”

Sasha Dibben from an Housing Assocation says…
“You know what? you are simply marvelous”